Guide To Buying A New Truck

It was not so very long ago that trucks were designed for work. While buyers can find a variety of work trucks still available on the market, they can also find many luxury pickups on the market filled with many different luxurious options. While in the not-so-recent past, pickup drivers were usually male, married, middle-aged, and conservative, there is a new generation of truck buyers who are younger and more open to buying trucks made overseas. The many different options in pickup trucks can make choosing the right one difficult. Making sure you've selected the right truck will provide an easy and enjoyable experience. The first step with purchasing a new truck is by searching and comparing top trucks and deals online.

Toyota Tundra


While the Japanese own Toyota, they actually make all of their Toyota pickups in San Antonio, Texas. Motor Trend Magazine named the Toyota Tundra truck of the year in 2000 and 2009. Buyers find a regular cab, deluxe cab, and CrewMax in many different trim levels. A thirty-eight-gallon gas tank keeps the truck running all day long, and this truck is capable of towing more than ten thousand pounds. Largest-in-class front brakes make it easy to stop quickly whether towing a load or not, and a backup camera helps to ensure safety when backing up this truck. It is the first truck to offer blind side monitoring.