Top Auto Body Repair Schools In America

March 15, 2023

More than 6 million car crashes occur every year and that number won’t be dropping any time soon. Whether those accidents are minor fender benders or more serious incidents, the vehicles involved will need to be fixed, and qualified people have to do the job. Even if you’re the type of person who’s hung around auto body shops your whole life and maybe even gotten your hands dirty with repair, if you want a career in the field, you will need education and certification.

Choosing the right institution may be as simple as a quick Google search for, “auto body tech school near me,” but perhaps your area doesn’t have any automotive programs, or maybe you want to get an idea of some options in other parts of the country that can best suit your needs. Here are some of the top auto repair schools in the United States:

New York Automotive and Diesel Institute

Many auto body shops require their specialists to be certified by Automotive Service Excellence (ASE), and this automotive technician school is ASE-certified and based in New York City. It offers a collision repair program with a concentration on ASE certification.

Universal Technical Institute

This school offers 10 campuses across the country and features a comprehensive program that lasts 51 weeks. You can concentrate on collision repair, automotive, diesel, motorcycle, marine and even NASCAR tech. If you’ve seen the late-night infomercials you know that classes begin once every six weeks.

Lincoln Tech

Lincoln Tech is another institution with multiple campuses, and each one features a hands-on approach that starts the moment you enter the body shop. You can choose to focus on becoming a collision repair tech, a parts specialist, a service tech or a diesel engine specialist.


With six campuses nationwide, WyoTech not only offers a world-class collision refinishing technology program, but also instruction in basic engine management systems, drivetrain systems, chassis work and drivability.

All of the above automotive collision repair schools are sure to get you where you want to go in your career, and the first step in finding the best one for you is gathering information. One day in the near future when you’ve landed your dream job and you’re doing a big-ticket invoice, you’ll look back at your time studying at your auto body tech school and think, “Wow! That training was great for my family and me.”