This Car Just Sold For Less Than The Price Of A Pint, Making It The Cheapest Vehicle On The Road

When looking for a used car, it is tough to find one that is both inexpensive and that runs well, especially when trying to find one through websites like eBay. But, that is just what happened when British motoring website noticed a posting for a seventeen-year-old Rover 45 selling for a measly £3.19 – or just $4.12 USD.

HonestJohn was on a quest to prove that the UK was a great place to buy used cars for cheap. They placed a bid to start the bidding frenzy, on the silver Rover 45, but to their surprise, no one else joined in the bidding war. When the time on the auction was up, HonestJohn had won the bid and ended up purchasing the car for just £3.19. That is less than the cost of a pint of beer in the UK.

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When they went to pick up the vehicle, they fully expected it to be a junker to be broken up and sold for scrap. Surprisingly, not only was the vehicle in reasonable condition and completely drivable, it was also street legal and had a valid tax and MOT that expires during the summer. Which just goes to show that it is possible to find good, inexpensive cars for sale in the UK.

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This is good news for people who think they might not be able to afford to purchase and keep a car in the UK while working within a limited budget, considering it cost less than a Big Mac Meal (£4.29).

HonestJohn’s amazing buy is also good news for the environment, as it proves that people are offloading their cars super cheap. This is good because people are selling their unused, but still functional cars rather than sending them to the scrap yard. And that’s good news for anyone who is looking for a usable, inexpensive car.