Compare Americas Top Car Insurance Companies

January 31, 2023

What To Look For In An Insurance Company

Working with some auto insurance companies can turn out to be a real-life nightmare. After an accident, when you need your auto insurance the most, they aren’t there for you. They make it a hassle to do something as simple as file a claim, and their customer service is absolutely terrible.

Get Insurance Quotes From A Reputable Source

The Internet has made it easy to get dozens of auto insurance quotes in just a few minutes, but not all companies let you choose from the best of the best in auto insurance.

Our Top 5 Best Car Insurance Companies List

The following ten auto insurance companies have been chosen for a number of different reasons, but they do have a few things in common. The customer services is top-notch, the rates are low, and they have insanely high customer satisfaction rates. While it may be slightly different than the consumer reports list mentioned above, the factors and values we considered when ranking these companies are very much the same.


This company is much more than geckos with funny accents and disgruntled cavemen. Their customer service is second to none, and their large customer base makes it possible for them to charge low premiums.


As their slogan says, with Allstate “you’re in good hands,” and that is the honest truth. Their customers love them, so there’s a pretty good chance you will too. Allstate was one of the first to offer accident forgiveness, and they continue to add new features that change the way we’re used to paying for auto insurance.

State Farm

State Farm is another auto insurance provider that is sure to please. They have grown to become the largest insurance provider in North America. Claims agents are always super-friendly, and they provide you with a lot of coverage for not much money.


Like the others, you are probably familiar with Esurance’s clever TV ads. Esurance offers more than hot cartoon girls though. With 24/7 support and friendly agents, Esurance’s customer service is hard to beat. Their prices are top notch too!


Progressive is another company you might recognize from TV. Getting started with them is simple and easy (and cheap too). Dealing with Progressive is incredibly stress-free. You will never have a problem with a claim.

Things To Remember…

The lowest car insurance is not always the best. Compare auto insurance companies carefully when shopping around; information on insurance companies’ handling of claims and how they set rates are public record and generally not difficult to find.

Many people who have particular auto insurance needs may be better served by going to an independent car insurance agency rather than a single company. These agencies represent several different insurers and can usually get you the best coverage for your unique situation.

There are too many providers that are deserving of the recognition to list in a single article. You can get a quote from many different auto insurance companies by calling for a quote or visiting their website for more information.