5 Ways To Defend A Traffic Ticket

February 21, 2023

No one wants to see flashing police lights in their rearview mirror. Many drivers who receive a moving violation citation pay their tickets without argument because they're worried about speeding ticket lawyer cost or other investments of time and money. Unfortunately, that choice might result in fines, driving record points, or even license suspension. Overall, you might want to contest that ticket. Here are five ways to defend yourself.

1. Facts Win, Not Opinions

In deciding to issue a citation, police officers rely on both facts and opinions, and opinions are easier targets. For example, if the officer cites you for unsafe driving, it's possible to question the officer's opinion that your driving was "unsafe." If the cars around you were moving in excess of the posted limit, a reasonable person might conclude that it would be reckless to slow down and impede the flow of traffic. Be on the lookout for "judgment words."

2. Attack the Foundation

The facts might be very clear: You were driving 85 when the posted limit was 75. The strategy here is to attack the basis on which those facts rest. For example, if the officer used a radar gun, was it properly calibrated? Did the officer follow appropriate procedure and use a tuning fork? Did they calibrate the device recently? Bottom line, you're not disputing that the radar gun read 85 miles an hour. You're disputing that the device is accurate in the first place. Here, a speeding ticket attorney cost might be a great investment. Having a radar gun expert on your side never hurts.

3. Preventing Harm

A good DUI lawyer knows that not all erratic driving is caused by drugs or alcohol. For example, a person experiencing sudden pain, dizziness, or disorientation may attempt to pull over safely to prevent injury or accidents. However, their medical condition may interfere with the smooth operation of their vehicle. If you or your DUI attorney can argue that your erratic driving was the best you could do to preserve your own and others' safety under the conditions, this may prove to be an effective defense.

4. Get the Documents

One of the most effective winning strategies is documentation. Photographs of the car, the road, and the conditions are often crucial to proving your case. Take recorded verbal notes of any useful information. Request the officer's notes or records. Ultimately, drivers who walk into court prepared to present their case and conduct cross-examination substantially improve their chances of success.

5. Speak to a Lawyer

Some cases including DUI and speeding citation require professional expertise. Depending on your situation, you may need a DUI lawyer or other legal assistance. Some drivers worry about the speeding ticket lawyer cost, or the hourly fees charged by a DUI attorney, but it's important to consider whether not investing in that speeding ticket attorney cost might result in the loss of your license. Ultimately, you don't have to give in without a fight.