Autonomous Test Cars Are Coming Soon!

Self-driving cars are one of the most exciting technologies on the horizon and one that many different companies are experimenting with right now. They have the potential to save hundreds of thousands of lives by reducing human error in driving and free up significant amounts of time for drivers who no longer have to watch the road. The potential for autonomous cars seems to be limitless. Recently, the federal government released a document that proposed, among other things, to consider allowing testing of vehicles without human inputs like pedals, a wheel, and other parts. In this article, we will discuss self-driving cars and the proposed testing change.

The Rapid Rise Of Automated Vehicles

Self-driving cars connect well with the current age. In the past few years, the most significant change to technology, work, and the economy has been the rapid rise of automation. Everything from factory tasks to white-collar paperwork faces the possibility of automation. Driving is no different. Whether it is long-haul trucks carrying cargo across the country, commuters heading off to work, or ride-hailing services ferrying people to and fro, driving permeates the American experience and automating it would have massive ripple effects. The safety increases would save untold numbers of lives every year.