Car Repairs That Are Just Too Ridiculous To Believe

Although owning a car can be one of the best investments one can make, car repairs can prove to be very costly, and inconvenient. Thousands of dollars are spent on costly vehicle repairs yearly. Many have resorted to various alternatives to taking their car to a repair shop. While some of these ideas are very simple in nature, there are some alternative methods that are so outrageous, they have to be seen to be believed. Actually, there are some car repair ideas that are just too awesome to be wrong!

Dolly Up!


In an emergency, a spare tire is not always readily available. If the tire goes flat, and a spare tire is too costly, a four-wheel dolly will work just as well. The four-wheel dolly should have wheels that are strong enough to hold up a medium to full-size vehicle. The dolly can be secured to the wheel axle with duct tape, or possibly re-bar. It is best to always have two dollies available in case more than one tire goes flat.