Dangerous Brake Issues And What Might Be Causing Them

Weak or Spongy Brakes


If the pedal feels like it is going lower than it should before stopping begins, or the pedal needs to be pumped to slow the vehicle, it could indicate several issues within the system. The most common cause of weak or soft brakes is a lack of fluid. Check the brake fluid levels and make sure to top them up to the indicator line on the reservoir.

A blockage in the line could also be to blame for squishy brakes. Blockages and contaminants can enter the system at any point if the lines have rust damage or there’s a small air leak. Check the lines for any sign of brake fluid escaping while you bleed the lines. If there is no leak in the line, top the fluid up and test the brakes. It could be that the pads are severely worn. However, it is unlikely that this would go unnoticed until the system got weak. Worn brake pads will squeal and scream well before they get to a point to cripple the system in this way.

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