Dangerous Brake Issues And What Might Be Causing Them

No Brake Pressure - Pedal Goes To Floor

If the pedal gives no resistance when you push it and ends up touching the floor, it is a sign that there is something wrong with the system. This is caused by a lack of fluid in the system. Check the brake fluid levels and top up if necessary. If the pedal is still soft and dropping to the floor, the system is losing pressure somewhere. Check all the lines for cracks or breaks where air might get into the system or fluid is leaving the system. Bleed the lines to remove any extra air that might have made it into the system.

If the brake lines all look solid and there is no air in the line, it may be the master cylinder. If the master cylinder is damaged it cannot be repaired, only replaced. When a mechanic replaces the master cylinder, they will also check the rest of the brake system for you.

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