Underrated Supercars The World Forgot About

1971-1992 DeTomaso Pantera


The DeTomaso Pantera, Italian for Panther, was built in Italy and was based on Ford’s 351 Cleveland V8. There were over 7,000 units produced over 20-years. The Pantera’s logo consisted of Argentina’s flag turned on its side, with a T-shaped symbol implemented by Alejandro De Tomaso’s ancestors for cattle ranching. Even though it was one of the first mid-engined supercars, the Pantera was barred from import to the US in 1974, when Ford discontinued the 351. While the company took a big hit, De Tomaso continued to buy 351s and selling Panteras to the European market. The vehicle returned to the US in the 80’s, and their value has doubled over the past fifteen years.

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