Underrated Supercars The World Forgot About

Fast, expensive and lust-worthy supercars are what dreams are made of. Brands like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Mclaren, and Bugatti have dominated the luxe automotive industry for years, but what about the others? Supercars aren’t just about the need for speed and good looks, and there are bound to be some stellar ones that have fallen under your radar. These cars may have gotten fifteen minutes of fame, but it wasn’t enough.

Here are some of the most underrated supercars that need your immediate attention.

1946-1952 Cisitalia 202 GT


Cisitalia was founded after World War II by Italian industrialist and racer Piero Dusio. Dusio took his racing knowledge and formed a company whose road cars became revolutionary. The 202 GT was a beautiful grand tourer, sensational enough that one was bought for display by the Museum of Modern Art. There were around 170 202 GTs made by 1950, but Dusio’s company was under constant financial woes and went under. By that time, Ferrari was making waves which put the 202 GT on the backburner for many. Some dedicated fans consider the Cisitalia to be one of Italy’s first supercars.

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