Most Comfortable Vehicles For Under $40,000

Honda CR-V


The 2018 Honda CR-V exceeds expectations in nearly every regard with the perfect blend of space, comfort, style, and power. The new CR-V has more room than most vehicle-seekers anticipate considering its somewhat modestly-sized exterior, allowing you to load up passengers and gear and head on out for a long drive without any concern for rider comfort. Give the CR-V a chance, and you will agree it really does feel like a mid-size SUV once inside. Both the front and rear seats are incredibly comfortable.

Upgrade to the CR-V EX or another luxury trim, and you will enjoy a twelve-way power driver’s seat. Adjust this seat to your liking, and you will actually look forward to getting behind the wheel for those long trips. Those who opt for the standard upholstery will enjoy a sophisticated fabric that feels fantastic to the touch. Opt for leather seating, and you will agree with the automobile aficionados heaping on the praise for the new CR-V. Each of these seating materials is assembled to perfection, providing the luxurious feel you and your passengers deserve. The second row has ample hip and legroom for adults of nearly every size. Make use of the middle seat, and there will be ample room for three full-grown adults to enjoy a lengthy car ride without even the slightest discomfort.

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