Most Comfortable Vehicles For Under $40,000

There is no sense buying a gorgeous new vehicle unless it is comfortable. After all, you do not feel or experience the exterior of the vehicle, and what matters most is whether or not you feel comfortable behind the wheel. Your vehicle occupants should feel comfortable as well, and rider comfort is especially important on those long summer road trips. Do not be intimidated by the challenge of selecting an affordable new vehicle that meets your standards for luxury, comfort, and style. Without further adieu, here are the top five most comfortable vehicles available for forty thousand dollars or less.

Lexus NX


Anyone who steps into the new Lexus NX will immediately notice it has a comparably low seating position, and will adjust to the NX’s driver’s seat in a matter of minutes. Ask NX drivers about how the seat impacts driving performance, and you will be inundated with rave reviews. This uber-comfortable seat makes the vehicle much easier to control. Go ahead and adjust the front seats to your desired manner and you will find numerous positions provide ample support for your unique body structure.

Test out the rear seats and you will find their comfort parallels that of the driver’s seat. Lexus even offers the option of a power folding rear seat to boot. Passengers have ample head and leg room even though the vehicle has a comparably short wheelbase. The Lexus NX generates minimal road noise, making the driving and riding experience much more enjoyable. Add the fact the NX provides ample cargo room, and it is easy to understand why this vehicle has become a top-seller.

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