Magnum P.I.’s Ferrari! The 308 GTS Driven By Tom Selleck Was Sold Earlier This Year

Magnum P.I was a television show that aired from 1980-1988  based on the work of private investigator Thomas Magnum, played by Tom Selleck. The Ferrari 308 GTS was manufactured from 1975-1985 and became an iconic sports car due to its use in the show. The cars that Thomas Magnum drove in the show became a part of his image as a slick P.I. who needs a Ferrari to achieve his goals of capturing elite criminals. Although the Ferrari sold for $181,500 earlier this year, check out this fantastic vehicle that comes with the extra feature of telling people it used to be Magnum P. I.'s car.

The Ferrari 308 GTS


This vehicle, sold by Bonhams Auction House, auctioned the car in the January 2017 Scottsdale sale in Phoenix, Arizona. The regular appearance of the Ferrari in the show has given this particular vehicle instant recognizably from fans.