Luxury Crossover SUVs That Are Practically Free

The luxury compact SUV category continues to be one of the country’s fastest-growing vehicle segments. For a few thousand dollars more than the compact luxury sedans on which most are based, these five-passenger crossover SUVs offer far more cargo utility, a loftier look at the road ahead and greater parking-lot presence.

And compared to larger crossover SUVs, this group is more nimble and more fuel-efficient. In fact, choosing to buy a small luxury sport/utility vehicle is an easier decision than settling on one of the segment’s many good choices. Whether you’re more interested in performance or comfort, power or fuel economy, or a just-right mix of everything, one of the models below has your name on it.

2018 Acura RDX
Starting Price: $16,795
The RDX brings together the sharp styling, high-tech features and high-quality practicality that Acura is known for, in a small, easily maneuverable package.

2017 Audi Q5
Starting Price: $11,850
Audi’s Q5 brings together modern design, one of the best-looking interiors in the segment, endless comfort and no shortage of performance.

2018 Buick Envision
Starting Price: $14,990
The new Envision brings together Buick’s trademark comfort and quiet with impressive tech and contemporary style.

2017 BMW X3
Starting Price: $19,945
With the BMW X3, owners get to enjoy the driving dynamics of BMW’s sports sedans, with the added functionality of a SUV.

2018 Lexus NXM
Starting Price: $16,980
A spirited little brother to the RX, with the same reputation for comfort, resale, and reliability.

The sweet spot for a compact crossover is in the $28,000 to $32,000 range. With some skilled negotiation, you can add goodies like leather, Navigation, and advanced safety features for $32,000 or under. However, once you get to the $35,000 mark, you start to reach the point of diminishing returns. This price point is where you open yourself up to lightly used and certified pre-owned luxury crossovers. So before you drop thirty-five large on a CR-V or something similar, have a look at what some luxury depreciation can get you.

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