First World Problems! Owning A Sports Car Isn’t All It’s Cracked Up To Be

I realize the first, second the third world titles are archaic terms from the Cold War era, but as language is prone to change, they’ve become synonymous with the development levels of a country. Living in a developed or first world nation has its advantages: paved roads, access to new vehicles and traffic laws to name just a few. But there are disadvantages too: safety regulations, pavement and access to new sports cars. Come with us on a tour of the problems faced by collectors, connoisseurs and everyday folks in nice cars.

Car Seat Doesn’t Fit


So you thought you’d buy yourself a beautiful roadster for when the kids are out of the house, and you feel like hitting the open road. Too bad your wife asked you to take the kids for a drive today! After fifteen minutes of contorting yourself over the forward-tilted front seat, you finally call the match a loss and accept that your little buckaroo won’t be able to enjoy the thrill of hitting 62 miles per hour until he’s big enough to buckle himself in without a booster seat. Sports cars with back seats that children can’t fit into are one of the leading causes of automotive apathy plaguing our youth today. Do your part and buy a car you can squeeze your family into.

Disclaimer: Never let your baby drive your sports car! Do not allow a small child to ride in the front seat, or in your car at all without a car seat (as pictured above).