A Collection Of The Most Notorious Vehicles Owned By Rock Stars

From the seductive roar of a healthy engine to the high-octane lifestyle, rock stars have built a reputation for appreciating the automotive arts. With songs like Highway Star, Panama, and Little Red Corvette pushing our feet to the floor while behind the wheel, it’s time for us to take a look at the cars that make us wish someone would say “Baby you can drive my car."

No list of vehicles driven by rock stars would be complete without our first entrant, so roll up for the magical mystery tour through the biggest rock stars and their wheels.

John Lennon’s Psychedelic Rolls

Certain perks come with being the face of the most popular band in history, one of those perks is being able to afford one of the most expensive vehicles ever designed. In 1965, John took the nearly all black Phantom in with a laundry list of mods to be made. What emerged was one of the most pimped out cars ever crafted. Alterations included one-way passenger windows, a cocktail cabinet, writing table, reading lamps, portable television and a refrigerator in the trunk. But even these mods were not enough for the most fab of the four.

After a trip to Spain, where the paint job was ruined by swirling sand and irresponsible driving habits, the massive luxury liner was returned to the shop in 1967 for mechanical repairs and an aesthetic overhaul. This time the Phantom emerged was the king of all the shaggin’ wagons. The car now featured a modified backseat that converted into a double bed – with oversized ashtrays added to the armrests. Plush carpeting throughout the cabin, and a floating record player that used a state-of-the-art suspension system to prevent the needle from jumping while the car was rolling, as well as a tape player in a specially built cabinet. The television was also upgraded, though it reportedly rarely worked. On the outside, the matte 'Valentines Black' exterior was replaced with the bright yellow, Sgt Peppers inspired paint job we all recognize. Unfortunately, since John’s death, the television, tape player, and spare tire have gone missing over the years, and the sound system is no longer functional. An unfortunate end for such a unique icon of capitalism and the love revolution alike. John won’t be the only member of the Fab Four on our list, so stay tuned!

Chris Parker