11 Wild Super Cars You Won’t Find Cruising Around Town

Luxury sports cars are built for comfort and speed. But sometimes the engineers want to let loose, strip the car down and not get bogged down with the rigors of road safety regulations. Swapping out the leather seats for roll bars and fire extinguishers, the developers of these cars were given full reign to explore and create. While some of these motorsport masterpieces have civilian models available, these track stars will not be spotted cruising down the boulevard.

Zenos E10 R


Zenos started out in 2015 with a goal to build high-performance cars at an affordable price. The E10 R is their newest and fastest track car yet. With a relatively small, Ford built 2.3-liter turbocharged four-cylinder EcoBoost engine putting out just 350 base horsepower, this newcomer can hit sixty miles per hour in three seconds. The E10 R hugs corners with its double wishbone suspension on the front and back and blasts back out of turns with over three hundred pound-feet of torque. All that momentum and speed is reigned in by the ventilated front discs and four-pot calipers. The base model for this peppy little British Sportster retails for just a tad over $60,000.