10 Extremely Rare Luxury SUVs

Whale penis leather and diamond encrusted dashboards are not something most people see in a car on a daily basis. These incredibly ridiculous and over-the-top SUVs are loved by everyone in the world, but can only be afforded by celebrities and dictators. Most of them are designed to be military vehicles that can withstand some powerful weaponry for what can only be assumed as the most aggressive form of road rage ever. Here are the top ten exceedingly rare luxurious SUVs.

Lamborghini LM002


The Lamborghini LM002 was the Italian brand’s not-so-successful attempt at making an SUV. Originally designed to be a military vehicle, the LM002 was noted to have a series of mechanical problems that proved to be counterproductive for the army. The LM002 was so unreliable that two trucks were reportedly needed to drive behind the SUV just in case it broke down, which apparently it did frequently enough to require backup. Its estimated cost is $120,000.