The Most Horrifying Auto Racetracks In The World

Vehicles were rustic by today's standards when the sport of auto racing was introduced; tires were narrow and speeds were nothing like is seen on tracks today. Over the years, car manufacturers have made significant strides to improve car performance, increase power and speed, and enhance aerodynamics. As a result, the sport has become more dangerous, and the risk of accidents is high, even though safety standards have increased as well. Drivers put their lives on the line for the thrill of competition, and at the same time are keeping fans happy. As a spectator, the sport offers a level of excitement unseen in other sports. Some venues have become more synonymous with danger than others. Here are some of the world’s deadliest tracks.

10. Targa Florio


When it was first established in Sicily, Italy in 1906, the Targa Florio was slated as an endurance race. The long-distance course started out as a race along the entire mountainous island, but by the 1970’s was cut to a seventy-two-kilometer track of road. From the 1950s through 1970s, it was part of the World Sportscar Championship, but all racing ended in 1977. In all of the track's operational years, the course saw nine fatalities, including spectators, which is a relatively small number in the sport’s history. Citing safety concerns, the plug was pulled on the track in 1977.