Biggest Publicity Stunts Pulled By Car Makers

Lexus Hoverboards

You may remember when this commercial hit the airwaves, and the stir it caused then. Lexus managed to develop a real hoverboard for this stunt, but Marty McFly won’t be nearly as impressed with it. The board itself uses two sets of superconductors contained in a liquid nitrogen bath and moves over a magnetic track built into the featured skatepark. The board itself took nearly a year to develop and features carbon fiber and bamboo wood to match the materials and stylings of Lexus vehicles. The park took another several weeks to construct once the board was ready, pushing the total set up for this stunt to just over 400 days, which seems like a long gestation period for a minute long commercial.

Car companies need to either sell the experiments their engineers come up with or stop using them to sell us cars.

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