Interesting Stories Behind The Most Famous Car Logos

Some of the most iconic and well-known logos that we see on a daily basis come from vehicle manufacturers. They are memorable, easily tied to their company and often surrounded by myth and folklore. Most traditional carmakers didn’t solicit advertising firms for help, and brand management teams were still decades away. They did it on their own, taking inspiration from everything from city flags and family crests to muses and even mistresses. Let’s have a look at some of them.


Some have said the Toyota logo looks like a bull with horns or even a cowboy wearing a hat, but it really is three overlapping ovals, which the inner ovals that form a centralized T and a steering wheel. According to Toyota, the vertical oval represents its ideal and the horizontal oval represents the customers’ expectations, which together are inside the larger oval, which represents our planet that appears to be embracing Toyota. Additionally, the logo pays tribute to Toyota’s founding, Toyoda Automatic Loom Works, where the ovals symbolize a sewing needle’s head. Some people believe that you can actually use parts and fragments of the logo to actually write out 'Toyota'.