Interesting Stories Behind The Most Famous Car Logos



Some people think the crowned red bird in the SAAB logo is an eagle, but it is actually a Griffin wearing a golden crown. This symbol represents a Swedish province called Scania, also called Skane, which was the original location of AB Scania-Vabis, the Swedish car and truck producer. AB Scania-Vabis and Saab Automobile merged in 1969 to form SAAB as we know it. SAAB only started using the Griffin logo on their vehicles in 1984. When SAAB was bought in 2000 by GM, the logo was redesigned. National Electric Vehicle Sweden bought the SAAB car brand in 2012, however, they failed to acquire the rights to the iconic Griffin logo, forcing SAAB to redesign their logo. Choosing a logo that more closely resembled their pre-Griffin stylings, SAAB was once again re-born, but without their Griffin.

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