Immortal? Or Lucky? Unbelievable Car Crashes People Walked Away From

Some drivers have all the luck, while others well... don't. These unbelievable car crashes are so severe that emergency crews and witnesses have no idea how anyone survived. In fact, most of the victims in the following crashes reportedly walked away with non-life threatening injuries. The causes of these crashes vary from drinking, falling asleep at the wheel, to torrential rains and even a drag racing incident that caused a car to collide with a truck around one hundred miles per hour! Indeed, these survivors are lucky to have their lives.

Tesla Model S Destroyed In Germany


In Pullach, Germany, an eighteen-year-old woman was reportedly driving recklessly when she lost control of her father’s Telsa Model S. The car flew eighty-two feet in the air and rolled at least once after crashing in a field. All five passengers of the vehicle were able to exit the car without the help of emergency responders. They sustained serious but not life-threatening injuries. Pictures of the crash show a destroyed front end with the cabin intact.