A Glimpse Into The Future; Historical Concept Cars From Our Past

Concept cars are often just that, concepts. They’re the playgrounds of engineers and designers; a place for the mad scientist notions to roost. Sometimes pieces and technology employed in concepts make their way to production models, and other times they are just too futuristic for their good. Let’s go back in time and see what the future of automobiles looked like.

Corvair Monza GT


This bad boy came to us in 1962 and was a vision of things to come from GM. The curvy and sleek body-styling would live on in later Corvettes, and the transaxle would go into the Corvair. The most notable feature was the windscreen that wrapped back to meet the b-posts on a front-hinged cockpit style canopy. While the seats were stationary, the pedals adjusted to fit the driver, a feature that is still rare on the market today. The louvers were also adjustable to allow ventilation and better vision out the rear. This concept car was also ready for the track, sporting disc brakes on all four wheels, and magnesium alloy wheels. With so many futuristic features that would become staples of GM, this one was a car of the future.