A Glimpse Into The Future; Historical Concept Cars From Our Past

Pontiac Club de Mer


Like so many of the concepts that came out of the ‘50s, the Club de Mer’s design was heavily inspired by the burgeoning aerospace industry of the time. This jet fighter inspired car debuted in 1956 and certainly turned heads. Sporting a brush aluminum body, individual windscreens and a long sleek body tipped with a single fin on the trunk; this sport concept was pushed by a three hundred horsepower V8. Unfortunately, the original Club de Mer was scrapped by Pontiac in 1958, leaving only the quarter sized scale model in Pontiac’s possession. Luckily, because of dedicated enthusiasts, a full-sized replica, built on a 1959 Pontiac frame does exist. To drive just the replica will cost a pretty penny; it sold at auction for $110,000 in 2009.

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