Best Superbowl Car Commercials Of All Time

Every year, when the Super Bowl takes place, Americans rejoice as they can crowd around the televisions with family and friends and watch some of the best football available. With ups and downs in Super Bowl history, every year is a new competition with amazing athletics and historical turnarounds. Regardless of the sporting outcome, there is always one tradition which is bound to satisfy audiences everywhere; the commercials. Companies pay millions to advertise to viewers, and each year the videos get better; with 2018 hosting Super Bowl LII in Minneapolis, Minnesota, compiled is a collection of the best  Super Bowl Car Commercials ever made.

Heart-Throb Audi: Daughter

This commercial is incredible, it really is. Last year during the 2017 Super Bowl, Audi made a statement about women equality, as well as equality in the workplace. Set at a box-car race start line, the commercial follows a girl competing against boys in a race down the hill. During the race, the father is wondering whether or not his daughter will grow up in a world where men are still valued more than women, especially in the workplace. After the impressive performance and an ultimate win, the father and daughter walk back to their stunning Audi S5 with the father commenting “Maybe I’ll be able to tell her something different.” Media took to this add with haste, as the content went viral instantly and started a massive push for equality in the workplace and as a result, earned Audi colossal attention for weeks. Up next is a Honda classic commercial which is known for it's incredible Queen rendition.