The Worst Cars To Come Out Of The 1990s

Feeling nostalgic over the greatness of the 1990s is common; the technology was growing by leaps and bounds, the internet was gaining immense popularity, and car manufacturers were putting out pure auto-gold like the Dodge Viper, the McLaren F1, the Ford Ranger, and the Mazda Miata. Unfortunately, not all that glitters is gold. The 90s also gave us these unfortunate monstrosities of automotive masochism.

Ford Taurus


While the Taurus got decent reviews during its first and second generations, the third generation facelift in 1996 caused a lot of people to call bull on Ford’s oval monstrosity. The boxy lines of the first two generations were replaced by obnoxiously bulbous bumps and long trailing curves. The rear window was oval which reduced sight lines, and all four corners were rounded off so low that the entire car looked as if it were melting. Ford tried to reconcile their poor design in the fourth generation by reducing the curvature of the Taurus, but by then the public had resigned this ugly old cow for rendering.