The Worst Cars From the 1970s

1971 Morris Marina


This little British model has been bullied pretty extensively since it hit the roads. While the vehicle sold just fine – Morris, owned by British Leyland, put out a quarter million vehicles in under two years – the car is severely lacking in retrospect. The first 30,000 or so vehicles were produced with an incorrect suspension setup which resulted in little to no camber change of the front wheels during turns. This led to notable understeer in the review cars that went to media outlets. Morris fixed the issue, but more problems with the vehicle extended beyond poor handling. From its conception, the Marina was the result of many cost-saving compromises, including using the sedan model doors on the coupe version, making what was supposed to be the superior sports model into an oddly styled pared down version of the base sedan. If the understeer didn’t get you, the ineffective dampers on the rear that facilitated more than a comfortable level of bump steer on rough roads would.

Our next car is another British Leyland rolling bucket of fail.

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