Why the British Produce the Best Classic Cars

When it comes to classic cars, personal taste reigns supreme. Some appreciate the elegance and zip of a classic Italian roadster, some love the snarling power of an unrestrained American block V8, while others still gravitate towards the performance and quirks offered by classic German engineering. As it stands today, however, only one country reigns supreme as the king of the classic car market, having produced offerings that appeal to nearly every subset of classic car enthusiast. Yes, whether you judge your classic cars by their style, innovation, performance, quirkiness, luxury or iconography— or some combination therein— it seems nearly impossible to escape the legacy left by British engineering.

That Classic British Style

When it comes to style, the British have perfected a look so beautiful and unique it can be both spotted from miles away and endlessly appreciated up close. The unmistakable shape and elegance of a 1960 Bentley S2, the perfection of a 1964 Aston Martin DB5, or even the gritty, no-nonsense appeal of an early Land Rover Defender are unforgettable features of that iconic English style. British models have evolved with the times, but most of what Britain has to offer maintains a beautiful, quintessentially British look. Then. Of course, there’s the 1970s Jaguar E-Type, whose long, angry nose, spoked wheels and gleaming detail-work has cemented the car as, arguably, the best-looking vehicle ever produced.