What People Really Think Of You When They See The Color Of Your Car

For many people, the color of their vehicle was an important consideration when they chose to make the purchase. Personality theorists say the color people choose for their vehicle is an important indicator of certain personality traits. Their studies have shown that automobile colors are also linked to the behaviors people display while driving. From attractive to adventurous, here is what a car's color says about its owner.


Black vehicles are generally considered to be the most attractive and can give the perceived attractiveness of its driver a quick boost. Although black vehicles and drivers of black vehicles were perceived as most attractive in a study on perceptions of vehicle colors, when participants were asked what color vehicle the happiest drivers drove, drivers of black vehicles did not make the cut. Tied with drivers of green vehicles and following drivers of grey vehicles, drivers of black vehicles were considered to be sad. They were also viewed as ambitious, intelligent, selfish, and charming. In addition, drivers of black vehicles were among the top five drivers to be involved in a major accident and receive speeding tickets. Drivers of black vehicles were not, however, as likely to experience road rage.