The Weirdest Car Upgrades You Will Ever See

When money is no object, sometimes there are endless upgrade options that car companies offer that make us regular folk, "Think why in the world would you need that?" Nonetheless, if you're willing to fork over hundreds or even thousands of dollars for an LED roof or warm massage while driving, more power to you. Some of these upgrades can be tempting while some don't even sound like a good idea.

Check out the weird car options that made it down the production line.

Magic Body Control – Mercedez Benz

It's not what it sounds like. This upgrade can't control your body or any of your passengers' bodies for that matter. The Magic Body Control is a road scanning system that Mercedes describes is like 'riding on a flying carpet.' The innovative option was first introduced in the S-Class, making it the world's first car to be capable of detecting road surfaces in advance. The scanner can detect things like unevenness on the road through a stereo camera in the windshield; then the Magic Body Control option kicks in to set up the active suspension for a more a comfortable ride.

In the next slide, there's an option that could have you confuse your child or pet for an intruder.