The Names Behind The Car: Top Designers You Should Know

The automotive world has given us many works of art over the last century. While we often laud the companies that produce such machines, the people behind the designs that become cultural icons are often overshadowed by the work they produce. So, in honor of the men and women whose work we see every day, we’re throwing back the curtain and taking a look at the people whose designs have changed the aesthetics of our roadways.

Susan Lampinen

Susan Lampinen may not be a household name, but her designs are. As a group chief designer leading the Color & Material Design for Ford, it’s almost guaranteed you’ve come face to face with her decisions. As someone with both influence and a social conscience, Lampinen is pushing Ford to move towards more eco-friendly fabrics that are at least 25% recycled material and hopes to raise that to 40% in the next few years. Her color and design schemes are seen in every Ford and Lincoln model since she reached her position in 2005.

While most of us have at least looked inside a Ford in the last decade, not many of us will be familiar with this next designer's creations.

Chris Parker