The Top 20 Best Cars To Tune For The Hottest Wheels On The Road

Although most cars perform well right off the production line, it is possible to enhance them further by tuning them. Tuning involves making modifications to a car to improve its performance. It is possible to tune almost any car that exists. However, tuning works better on some cars than it does on others. These are twenty of the best cars for tuning, most of which are readily available and not too hard to come by.

Ford Mustang


The Mustang has such a dedicated following that many people attend meetups across North America to discuss parts, problems, and modifications. With the car still in production, many tuning houses, such as Shelby American, have taken to modifying Mustangs, and some have tuned them to over 1000 horsepower. Having amassed such a cult following, it's no surprise that Ford has continued to make the pony car since 1964. The Mustang has solidified itself as a favorite at car shows, on the track and for DIYers looking for a tuner with plenty of options available for part swaps and upgrades.