A Look At The New Bronco



It is rumored that the New Bronco will have a much more apocalyptic look than its processors, like something built to rumble up and down the DMZ with sharp-shooters. Other sources speculate that it will have more traditional-styling like that conveyed by the images of the Australian Everest and Brazilian Troller. The Everest is similar to the Ranger model currently on sale in the US, and will be based on the new Ranger platform. Some are speculating that the Bronco will look a lot like the Jeep Wrangler it is seeking to compete with, hoping to again capture the versatile 4×4 compact SUV market. Like the Wrangler, the Bronco is supposed to sport a removable top. The resolution of the many exterior rumors will determine whether the New Bronco will stand out like something as iconic as the VW Beetle and Hummer or if it will simply blend in with the pack. Any pictures of the Bronco so far are speculative, however, as Ford has only given us a veiled teaser. 

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