The Best Selling Cars In The World

Ever wonder what people across the globe are driving? Auto trends differ everywhere, and what works for some might not tickle your car fancy. If you want a look at what's gracing the roads far and wide, you've come to right place. You might be surprised to find that the world's best-selling cars aren't all from exotic brands and that some are questionable in appearance and size. Many of these vehicles you might not have heard of before, while others are legendary by name. Ready to learn about the best-selling cars in the world?

Ford Fiesta – UK


The Fiesta remains the UK's top vehicle of choice, having sold over 4.5 million cars since its inception in 1976. The vehicle features just enough space to be comfortable, and easy to use dashboard and is also easy and fun to drive. The Fiesta is known for its reliability, decent affordability and tons of advanced safety equipment. While the vehicle could do with more space, it's a good choice for someone who's into advanced technology and a great engine.