The Best And Worst Cars Of 2017

January 22, 2023

Every year in the auto industry, leading car companies work to design, innovate, and produce new models for their consumers. Some of these ideas do not turn out for the best and hurt the companies brand image, while others capture the hearts of car enthusiasts and go on to become a new industry trend. Following is a list discussing some of 2017's best and worst products and why.

Best: Chevrolet Cruze

Chevrolet got it right in 2017, especially when it comes to the Chevy Cruze revival. Consumers and critics have found common ground when talking about the car, and there are a few key reasons why. For an engine, the unit thrives on a 1.4L four-cylinder turbo and six-speed automatic transition. An update of the infotainment system to accept Android and Apple platforms on the screen, as well as comfy rear passenger seating made for a relatively comfortable experience for the front. As far as miles-per-gallon goes, tests have shown an average around thirty mpg, which may reach as high as sixty mpg on the diesel model. Overall, an excellent product produced by Chevrolet last year.

Upcoming is an American company which fell short of consumer expectations last year.

Worst: Chrysler 200

Chrysler 200 is next up and fairs a little better in comparison. Although the 200 is not a terrible car, it has a few flaws which have dropped it to the bottom of the list in 2017. Cramped back seats do not provide for a very comfortable trip amongst passengers, steering and control could also use some work. Outside design is a sleek look with a bold bone structure which makes for future potential (though nowhere comparable to the 300). All these factors together do a mixed review, but with the stellar competition brought forth by industry leaders in midsized sedan market, 200 as a competitor just doesn’t match up.

Mazda will be following, with their reliable performing Miata model from 2017.

Best: Mazda MX-5 Miata

Driving experience for the 2017 Mazda MX-5 Miata is fantastic in comparison to the market of affordable sports cars. Designed to be a lightweight vehicle capable of one-hundred-fifty-five horsepower, the Mazda Miata offers a compelling driving experience with optimal handling and control. Although the output is not as impressive as other industry sports car models, the overall driving experience is precise and pleasant for the operator and offers excellent value for the price. One minor downside is the cabin comfort provided for drivers, especially on long trips, however, due to the nature of a sports car, sometimes there are small sacrifices in long-term support for short-term performance.

Next on the docket is a Cadillac vehicle which is not horrible, but just did not meet industry standards for its high price tag.

Worst: Cadillac Escalade

Cadillac is known for its luxury and high-class performance vehicles, especially the Escalade which has been a luxury family vehicle for years. Although Escalade is still an impressive vehicle by any standards, in 2017, the car was not what consumers were hoping for. Performance suffers when driving on the twenty-two-inch wheels which are additions to the standard, premium and platinum models. Inside, the touchscreen system used is not up to par with another luxury SUVs and crossovers making for a bland vehicle-driver experience. Lastly, the price for this Cadillac unit is incredibly high, which is to be expected for a luxury SUV, but in this case, overall performance and system deficiencies do not provide enough bang for your buck.

Best: Lexus NX

There are a few features about the Lexus NX that make it one of the top performers of the year for 2017. Firstly, like an SUV, the Lexus NX does have a few interior design features which have been blowing away consumers. Inner design is stunning and comfortable except for a few minor details which are not fantastic. Front touchpad for controls is not incredibly responsive, and the cabin room could be more spacious. That being said, the Lexus NX is one of the most fuel efficient SUV’s to come out this year, with approximately thirty miles per gallon.

Worst: Mitsubishi i-MiEV

Up first on the list is a 2017 dud that has received a lot of flak for both design and performance. Mitsubishi released the i-MiEV, a compact electric vehicle priced at around twenty-two-thousand per unit. This makes the MiEV one of the cheapest electrical cars on the market, but with low prices can sometimes come low expectations. As a consumer car, this Mitsubishi vehicle is slow and does not possess quality handling for a small car. Another disappointing quality is the slow charge time for the car, paired with a short mile range per fill-up. Overall, the functionality of this disappointing 2017 car has made the list of disappointments for the 2017 year and will force Mitsubishi to step up their game for coming electrical products.

Ford did well in 2017 and had hit their stride with this next product.

Best: Ford Escape

Ford has impressed this year with a few of their models. However, one that stood was the 2017 Ford Escape which has made some waves in the SUV class. As far as aesthetics go, the design presents a sporty feel which is backed up by sharp steering and a 1.5 and 2-liter turbocharged engine for power. However, with the dominant engine comes a fuel economy which only manages a twenty-three mile per gallon average on a full tank. That being said, advanced features such as remote start, lane-keeping and the ability to lock and unlock remotely from the owner's phone.

Following is a Nissan product which did not perform well in a few categories.

Worst: Nissan Frontier

As a compact pickup truck, the Nissan Frontier has been bashed this when it comes to reviews. Not only has the design of the Frontier utterly failed to impress, but its fuel economy is also not up to par. Reportedly achieving approximately fifteen miles per gallon, the performance of this four-cylinder vehicle could be much better. Adaptations are available, with a crew and extended cab for consumers, however open space for passengers is not great regardless of which model is chosen. Nissan is currently reworking the product for future production. The current unit has kicked the proverbial bucket.

A beautiful sports car is up next which is phenomenal in almost every way.

Best: Mercedes AMG GLC43 4-Matic

Next up is a car that pulled at the heartstrings of car enthusiasts this year; the Mercedes Benz AMG GT. Well crafted, and a beautiful follow up to the gull-winged SLS AMG, the GT has a gorgeous design which emits a sporty look with a touch of muscle. Under the hood is a 4.0 liter twin-turbo V8 engine that you are sure to hear before you see. If the loud rumble is not enough for customers, the five-hundred and three horsepower will do the trick. It is hard to find something wrong to say about Mercedes new addition to their sports model addition.

Next on the docket is an SUV which has failed to be a market leader for a few years now.

Worst: Dodge Journey

Last up for the duds of 2017 is the Dodge Journey. As far as design goes for last year’s model, the step-up was reasonably mediocre compared to previous year advancements, but even then the design has not been overly impressive. Other dwindling factors include the ESC (Electronic Stability Control) and suspension. The vehicle does have all-wheel drive and three rows of seats, however, this is nothing spectacular about an SUV. Also, as a fuel economy competitor the Journey ranks among the worst in its class; altogether, nothing too special comes to light with the Dodge Journey, lowering it to one of the bottom performers in 2017.

Best: Audi S3

As an entry-level luxury vehicle, the Audi A3 is a solid choice for the 2017 market and will continue to sell well into the new year. Benefits of this luxury model are the reduced engine noise and a sleek and form-fitting design for the interior. For functionality, the vehicle has a 1.8-litre engine and manages to squeak out twenty-seven miles per gallon which are a respected feat for a luxury class car. With add-ons, the price can vary from around thirty-thousand to mid fifty-thousand USD making for a reasonably affordable vehicle when considering the quality of the product.

Following is a Mitsubishi unit which is too loud and a low performer.

Worst: Mitsubishi Mirage

Mitsubishi’s Mirage is another underperforming vehicle in 2017 that just did not cut it. For a subcompact car, this unit has incredibly slow acceleration, and that is compared to other subcompacts. Engine noise is quite loud, which makes for an irritating experience for drivers in the long-term, which is only increased by the lack of ability to cancel out highway noise. Another factor contributing to the Mirage’s low ranking is the interior design. Not overly comfortable and suffering in the technology department, this vehicle’s quality does not make up for the shockingly low price tag.

Toyota will be following with an incredible revision of their Scion iA model.

Best: Toyota Yaris iA

In 2017 the Scion iA vehicle produced by Toyota was transformed into the Yaris iA. This unit is built by Mazda but has championed the sedan market with an impressive overhaul. Equipped with a one and a half liter four-cylinder and capable of one-hundred-six horsepower, an impressive engine with pleasant handling and an excellent average of about thirty-five miles per gallon. Interior is standard and nothing special, but the unit incorporates a pre-collision system which helps drivers avoid accidents, as well as a rearview camera for reversing. For the affordable price, the Yaris iA is a strong competitor in the sedan market and is sure to be a Toyota staple for years to come.

Up next is a strong example of why Fiat is struggling in their market space.

Worst: Fiat 500 L

Fiat has had a tough time in the past few years, and as a result, needs a win. That being said, the Fiat 500 L is not a win, in fact, it’s pretty much more of the same. The minor detailing on the outside of the vehicle has made it seem a bit more sporty and has an acceptable engine which is comprised of a 1.4L engine with one-hundred-sixty horsepower. As far as the interior goes, Fiat designed a reasonably small cabin with a large windshield and seats that do not support passengers, especially on a long trip.

Up next is the last, but not least for the 2017 best performers.

Best: Audi Q7

Audi Q7 is next up on the review and is most definitely one of the best vehicles to come out of 2017. As a luxury SUV, from performance to interior, the car has championed quality in grandeur. Thanks to a redesign, the three-liter engine offers a seamless ride with complete control and impressive power. Inside, noise reduction makes for a peaceful journey and comfort for all is paramount. Whether being used for a road trip or a quick run to the grocery store, the unit is an excellent choice for luxury car enthusiasts who need more space. Internal technology also proves to be advanced with easy-to-use controls and a lane-keep safety system.