The Coolest Vehicles You Have Ever Seen In A Video Game

Arguably, the first mainstream video game to feature vehicles was 1973’s Space Race, which was made by Atari. Since then, many video game vehicles have evolved into some truly unique, badass creations. Whether players need to get around, protect an avatar, or destroy enemies, the vehicles in video games have a variety of functions and special features. Check out this list of the twenty coolest vehicles in video game history, some of which have even inspired real-life counterparts.

Yoshi – Super Mario World

Xombit Games

Debuting in 1990, Yoshi was a friendly dinosaur that could be ridden by Mario or Luigi in the Dinosaur Land level of Super Mario World. He is one of the most original and unique vehicles in a video game ever, and it is impressive that almost nothing as memorable as him has come along since.