Reasons To Drive A Mazda 6

May 3, 2023

Men, when you're searching for a new car, you will quickly notice the striking features and sleek appearance of the Mazda 6! This car offers an outstanding driving experience, eco-friendly operation, and the latest in driver amenities. The Mazda 6 is often a top choice for a new car!

There are many reasons to get behind the wheel of a new Mazda 6. Men, this car has many safety features, excellent options that make driving smooth, and even great infotainment features. Even a used Mazda 6 sedan for sale has features that set it apart from other cars in its class! Overall, it's great value for money. Get familiar with the reasons to drive a Mazda 6, including a used Mazda 6, now. Once you know the reasons, you will be ready to search for a Mazda 6 for sale near you!

Excellent Handling

Men, take note of the Mazda 6's excellent handling! It balances a quick, firm response with superb driver comfort. The excellent handling is a standout feature and is a major part of why driving a Mazda 6 is so enjoyable! Men, the Mazda 6 uses advanced features to improve the driving experience. This includes the car's simulated torque vectoring! This part uses a subtle variation of the throttle and individual wheel brakes to shift the weight of the car and keep it on track during sharp turns. This process takes place in the background. You can't even tell it's happening!

The Mazda 6 also offers progressive steering. This can help you turn smoothly through long curves and interstate ramps. Current drivers continue to be impressed with the combination of cutting-edge technology and traditional engineering available in the Mazda 6. The reviews speak for themselves, men: the Mazda 6 offers some of the best handling available in vehicles of its class!

Strong Engine And Transmission

The Mazda 6 pushes the boundaries of power and efficiency for vehicles of its size. Men, it's available with two choices of 2.5-liter 4-cylinder engines! The base engine offers a sturdy 187 horsepower. The availability of a turbocharged option gives you the choice of increasing their vehicle's power to 250 horsepower! Both engines provide a pleasant driving experience, men. That said, the turbocharged option gives you a sportier feel and faster acceleration! This is great if you enjoy touring winding backroads or thrilling scenic routes.

The Mazda 6 comes with a 6-speed transmission that produces quick, seamless shifts. It works alongside the car's engine to produce a responsive car without sacrificing fuel economy. That's right! The Mazda 6 offers outstanding fuel efficiency. Men, it averages 26 miles per gallon in the city and 35 miles per gallon on the highway with the base engine. The turbocharged engine's fuel consumption is slightly higher, trading some extra fuel for more power. Combining a strong engine and transmission means the Mazda 6 is capable of both fuel-efficient cruising and sporty driving!

Quality Infotainment System

The Mazda 6 features a quality infotainment system. Men, the Mazda Connect infotainment system in the Mazda 6 offers advanced features! This lets you get rid of boredom on even the longest drives. The 8-inch dashboard-mounted screen acts as the car's central hub. When driving, you will note how easy it is to navigate using the navigation knob near the armrest on the center console! Instead of forcing you to navigate through touch screens and impossibly small menus, the Mazda 6 infotainment system allows you to scroll through features and settings using a tactile input method comfortably within your reach.

The infotainment system also makes connecting to smartphones a breeze. It provides Bluetooth and a USB connection! Men, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are available at most trim levels too. The system can integrate with some apps, and updates are released continuously. In addition, you can modify car settings and monitor your car's health from inside the infotainment system. The Mazda 6 can even remind you when you need oil changes, tire rotations, or other maintenance!

Great Safety Reputation

The Mazda 6 has a great safety reputation. It's a hard-earned one too, men! The combination of innovative driver-assistance features and advanced safety elements has earned the Mazda 6 top ratings in safety. These top ratings are from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and Insurance Institute for Highway Safety! The Mazda 6 includes an impressive number of features as standard. Forward collision warning and automatic braking in an emergency are included in every car.

You can also expect advanced features on every Mazda 6. These include blind-spot monitoring and rear cross-traffic alerts. There are optional safety extras to increase the safety assistance available to you as well, men. They include a lane-keeping assist and lane departure warning! If you're a prospective buyer, you can opt to have Mazda's entire suite of i-Activesense technology. This lets you make sure you're buying a car that meets your driver assistance needs.

Good Cargo Space

The Mazda 6 offers good cargo space. Men, this car does it without sacrificing passenger comfort! The trunk provides 14.7 cubic feet of cargo. The rear seats fold down to offer extra space for transporting the occasional oversized load too! The Mazda 6's versatility means you don't need to compromise between comfort, driving quality, and utility.

While the Mazda 6 isn't a pickup truck or an SUV, the available space gives you the option to carry cargo that owners of sedans with similar specs can't. The Mazda 6 accomplishes this while offering large, comfortable seats and plenty of room for your passengers. Overall, the Mazda 6 provides excellent cargo storage and utility while maintaining the comfort and aesthetic of a luxury sedan. Men, you can store skis, golf bags, and even lots of luggage for a long trip in this car!