Reasons To Drive A Buick Encore GX

April 12, 2023

Men, the Buick Encore GX will give you a premium ride with plenty of contemporary amenities! It's a great compact crossover SUV and offers 5 comfortable seats. Trim options include the Preferred, Select, and Essence. Men, this SUV with a powerful engine is designed for urban settings! There are very advanced technologies in this SUV too, and amazing driving aids.

Clearly, there are many reasons to jump behind the wheel of the Buick Encore GX, from the safety features to the remote options! You can even customize the Encore GX car with many optional packages. Men, learn about all of the reasons to drive one of the many Buick Encore GX models. Once you know them, you will be searching for a new or used Buick Encore GX for sale and looking for Buick Encore GX deals in no time!

Amazing Safety Features

Men, the Buick Encore GX offers exceptional value in active and passive safety. This compact crossover SUV has the standard Automatic Emergency Braking. It works at speeds of up to 50 MPH! With reliable cues from the Following Distance Indicator, you can also keep a safe gap behind a car ahead of you. When a frontal impact seems imminent, the Forward Collision Warning will encourage you to take evasive measures! Driving on urban streets with plenty of crosswalks won't be stressful either. It's thanks to the Front Pedestrian Braking! The Encore GX has several driving-assistance technologies to prevent side collisions too. Men, they include the Lane Change Alert and Lane Keep Assist!

If you need to quickly pull into a parallel parking spot, follow the Rear Park Assist. It measures the distance to any stationary obstacles. This crossover SUV comes standard with the Rear Vision Camera. Men, the camera transfers videos to the 8-inch touch screen in the center stack! Some other advanced technologies that provide a visual include a head-up display and the HD Surround Vision. This family-friendly model has lots of other amazing safety features, such as front knee airbags and head-curtain airbags.

Fantastic Infotainment System

The infotainment system is fantastic inside the Encore GX. It has an 8-inch color touch screen, men! You don't need any wires to connect a smartphone with the Android Auto and Apple CarPlay interfaces. Hands-free access to a linked mobile device is available with the latest Bluetooth tech. This fantastic infotainment system allows you to pair 2 smartphones with the Bluetooth portal at the same time! Amazon Alexa is another bit of cutting-edge tech at your service inside this crossover SUV.

A GPS navigation system with colored maps is integrated into the information system too! Up to 7 devices can be connected to the OnStar 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot inside the cabin. Additionally, the Marketplace app makes it easy to find local dining, shopping, and entertainment. With just a few taps, you can reserve a table at a restaurant, find parking, check fuel prices and get lots of other helpful information for your travel. Other signature apps in the Encore GX are the Connected Vehicle Plan, Vehicle Diagnostics, and Smart Driver.

Passengers Get Noise Cancellation

Men, the Buick Encore GX offers great entertainment in the first and second rows thanks to its 6-speaker sound system. An electronic amplifier is integrated into this default audio system. It produces wonderful acoustics from the SiriusXM Satellite Radio 360L! Passengers get noise cancellation tech for a more pleasant ride on urban roads that have lots of distractions. The Active Noise Cancellation function prevents outside noise from entering the cabin!

The Bose sound system delivers crystal-clear output from your favorite radio stations or other sources. It even gets enhancement from the Noise Control System! This exclusive sound system reproduces concert-like acoustics. It's thanks to the 7 speakers, men, since they're strategically installed in key points throughout the cozy cabin!

Powerful Engine And Suspension

A 1.2-liter engine block is standard in the Buick Encore GX. This turbocharged powertrain generates up to 137 net horsepower when the tachometer hits 5,000 RPM. Men, it carries the GM ECOTEC label! When revolving at 2,500 RPM, the base engine cranks out 162 pound-feet of peak torque. Also built on the ECOTEC architecture, the 1.3-liter engine kicks out 155 hp at 5,600 RPM. You will get up to 174 lb-ft of peak torque from this turbo propulsion system.

A continuously variable transmission system is paired with the 1.2-L engine. Controlled by electronic modules, a 9-speed automatic transmission system is mated to the 1.3-L engine. This SUV gets plenty of support from the Ride and Handling Suspension System. The system has a fully independent configuration for the best responsiveness! Men, you can add a trailer hitch and trailering harness to this light-duty model. It has a towing capacity of 1,000 pounds!

Remote And Mobile Functions

Men, there's a handful of connectivity options for the Buick Encore GX. You can sign up for the Remote Access app from the signature OnStar suite. It's possible to activate the Remote Start function from home or work. It comes when you use the myBuick mobile app! This signature app is readily available for download on Google Play or the Apple Store. After activating an appropriate subscription to the Remote Access Plan, you can use the Family Sharing function with other drivers!

The Vehicle Status interface provides real-time info on the Encore GX's fuel level, gas mileage, oil life, odometer, and more. Some options from the Remote Commands interface include locking/unlocking the doors, flashing the headlights, and sounding the horn. You can receive security notifications from the Vehicle Locate function. This one comes with custom boundaries, curfews, and other restrictions. Men, the myBuick app even includes the Send to Navigation and Remote Personalization features!