The Impressive History Of The Cadillac

The Cadillac brand has become a symbol of luxury, performance, and craftsmanship. One of the oldest car brands still on the road today, Cadillac has been a pioneer of the industry since it rose to prominence over a hundred years ago. They introduced us to technologies we still use today and continue to push the envelope of what it means to drive a luxury car. Let’s go back in time and recount the history of this iconic brand.

From The Ashes


Before the Ford Motor Company we know, there was the Henry Ford Company. Ford ended up walking away from the company after a dispute with investors, and those investors used the defunct factory to start what would become one of the most iconic brands in automotive history. They recruited Henry M. Leland to appraise the factory for liquidation after Ford walked away, but Leland convinced them to keep it and continue producing vehicles with a single cylinder engine that he had helped develop. With the help of Leland, the investors officially launched the Cadillac Automobile Company on August 22, 1902. In 1905, Leland and Faulconer Manufacturing and the Cadillac Automobile Company merged to create the Cadillac Motor Company. Leland, along with his son, took over the company.

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