Effective Ways To Care For Your Car During The Winter Season

Purchase Winter-Ready Windshield Wipers And Wiper Fluid

Winter is the season for massive snowfalls, frosted windows, and freezing rain. Making sure that drivers have a clear line of vision while on the road is crucial to safe operation that starts with ensuring the front and rear windshields are cleared off. Windshield wipers are useful for clearing off light snow, and front and rear window defrosters are helpful as well. However, ensuring that wipers are in good shape is essential. Wipers are typically made of rubber or synthetic compounds, and although durable, will crack and wear out after a while.

It is a common misconception that windshield wipers should be left in the upright position when leaving a car parked for an extended period. This may prove dangerous to your vehicle as windy conditions could thrust wipers down, potentially cracking the windshield or damaging the blade. A simple solution is to clean ice and debris off of the windshield religiously and just place a plastic bag over windshield wipers while away to achieve the same results.

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