Effective Ways To Care For Your Car During The Winter Season

Winter season is upon us, and with it comes the tedious task of warming up your car for five minutes, scraping off the windshield and shoveling your driveway. Car owners have a long list of things to remember when it comes to preparing and maintaining their vehicles for the cold season, and it can get overwhelming. Here is a list of effective tips to help keep your ride in tip-top shape during the winter months, and to provide some comfort about safety on the road and confidence on vehicle sustainability.

Make The Switch To Winter Tires

Winter tires are first up on the docket and for a good reason. Tires are made of flexible rubber compound accompanied with tread design specifically meant to add traction on snow, ice, and slush. Another aspect to winter tires is they are most effective when soft and malleable, creating friction to provide control. As a result of hardening features, summer and all-season tires get worn during the cold seasons; drivers can even lose control on dry roads. Having winter tires is a benefit to all drivers as they provide proper vehicle control and easily pay for themselves within the first trip drivers make in the snow. Snow tire sets can cost between $250 to $600 depending on a few variables, such as vehicle type and dealership. However, compared to what it costs to settle an accident – which could be in the thousands – a few hundred dollars is a bargain. Next up is a solid tip for dealing with covered windshields you don’t want to miss.