The Shocking Downside To Owning An Electric Vehicle

Cold Weather


Another reason owning an electric car is partially bad is they do not run nearly as well in the cold weather. For most of us, winter is cold, and already being cold and coming to find your car won’t start is lining you up for a bad winter day. But, why wouldn’t it work as well in the cold? Other cars do, don’t they? Well, anyone who has a smartphone can relate to this. When you are outside and it is cold, your phone battery dies much faster and your phone does not work as well since the cold weather slows the chemical reaction within the battery providing the electricity. Because electric cars depend on electrical circuits and a battery rather than gas, the cold weather can make it run less efficiently, effectively reducing an already limited range.

As anyone with electronics knows, batteries decay with age. Read on to learn more about this in relation to electric vehicles.

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