Dissecting The Fascinating Presidential Motorcade

Whenever the president is traveling, he does not just get into his family car. If he is not in Marine One or flying in Air Force one, then he is traveling on a fascinating presidential motorcade. Always there are Secret Service agents around and the “Beast” is bulletproof. Other than that, there are more fascinating things about the presidential motorcade. Remember that this is the riskiest, and at the same time safest, presidential motorcade on the planet. Other than the fleet of vehicles, it includes a communications office, medical facilities, and a fully armed response force. The following is what makes up the presidential motorcade:

Pilot Car and Route Car


The pilot car is a local police car that is manned and driven by the local officers. It is usually approximately a quarter a mile ahead of the main party. The purpose of this car is to alert police officers along the route of the presidential motorcade that is on the way. Also, it checks ahead of any signs of disturbance, trouble, and complications. If they encounter ambush, they will be the first to respond. The difference between a pilot car and route car is that a route car is a few minutes ahead of fleet whereas a pilot car is just a few seconds ahead.