Classic Cars You Can Still Buy In 2018

February 5, 2023

It seems as if there's a revival of classic cars on the market, with quite some choices out there we narrowed it down to a select few to watch out for in 2018. Whether you're lusting after something out of reach or your childhood dream car, it is possible to find a bargain, but that could take a little longer than expected. In the meantime, you can check out this list of worthy suggestions that are available for your heart's desire.

2000-2006 BMW M3

The M3 E46 was first unveiled in 1999 as a Design Study concept in the Frankfurt Motor Show. Everyone knows about this one, and it has become a cult classic. The M3 is also recognized as a top future collectible and would be a safe investment. It's also crowned as one of the most popular track day cars around the globe. The real challenge would be obtaining one that hasn't been used and abused to the core. The average price sits at about $20,000 for this generation's E46 M3. BMW is accredited for developing the racing version of M3 and made some slight detail adjustments to the make the vehicle street-legal.

The next vehicle is known for its incredible power and handling.

1997-2004 Chevrolet Corvette

Corvette is widely known for the best performance for car value, and cost far less than their European sports car and GT competitors. The latest generation of Corvettes has depreciated in price over the years so you could get yourself a C5 today for roughly $15,000. Prices could potentially go up at some point, so it would be worthwhile to invest in one sooner rather than later. At one point the Corvette was only available in coupe form, it wasn't until around 1998 when a convertible version rejoined the pack.

Up next is a classic muscle car you have lusted after as a child.

1971-1972 Dodge Challenger

Strong value seems to be a pattern with the vehicles so far, and the Challenger also saw a price drop in the past. You'd be looking at an average price of $18,000 for one of these classic bad boys from the golden age of muscle cars - about half the cost of a new model, and with twice the flash. The Challenger came about in efforts to compete against pony cars like the Mustang and Camaro, offering customers a vast amount of options for trim and engine packages. This vehicle is renowned for its performance; primarily used for sport and track racing fun, but they have also been spotted off-roading.

The next one is a vintage classic with a price that is increasing over time.

1968-1970 Dodge Charger

The first Charger came into existence in 1964 as a show car but didn't hit the market until '66. It got a well-received makeover in 1968. The redesign included plenty of cosmetic changes including amping up the interior and exterior details. While the Charger is regarded as a classic, it couldn't live up to NASCAR standards for stock racing. The Charger's high-performance image made it one of the auto industry's hottest drag racing picks, not meant for hauling around groceries or the kids. Fan-favorite colors for this beast were and are orange and black.

Up next we have a vehicle whose popularity has risen due to the fact its discontinued.

2003-2006 Dodge Viper

The Viper had a total redesign in 2003 catering to the needs and wants of customers. There were over a hundred changes made for the third generation Viper, such as a larger engine, more responsive brakes, a smoother transmission, sleeker body panels, and more. Around the same time, Dodge conducted polls to see what customers were after, things like more horsepower, bigger brakes, better interior comfort, were key factors on the list. An interesting one on the 'do not want'list was cupholders. Owners tend to take great care of Vipers of this generation, so you're bound to come across one in pristine condition. You'd be spending around $50,000 for something of this likeness - a bargain compared to the quarter million you'd shell out to buy a 2017 model.

The next one may be slightly out of your price range.

2003 Ferrari Enzo

Safe to say this one will be out of most people's budget; we're talking about $2.3-million out of a budget. The Enzo was the first carbon fiber bodied car and was built in celebration of the company's 40th birthday. Named for the founder himself, this mean machine is regarded as one of the best supercars ever made and caused havoc in the automotive industry upon its debut. There were only ever four-hundred produced, hence the price point. The Enzo is one of the fastest cars Ferrari has ever built, not to mention the most loved and sought after.

Next up we have a vehicle with a value that keeps getting stronger.

1966-1996 Ford Bronco

There's a definite air of nostalgia with this Ford, which was produced for the off-roaders seeking a multi-purpose vehicle. The Bronco came into play as competition for compact SUVs like the International Harvester Scout and the Jeep CJ-5. The 1993Bronco model was used as an escape car by O.J Simpson in the famous '94 police chase. The value for Simpson's Bronco is up to over $700,000. Apart from being used in public car chase, the Bronco has been in high demand over the years, and Ford may have answered those prayers; the company has announced that Bronco will be back in 2020 and will be 'badder'than ever.

The next vehicle is an American automotive legend.

1970 Plymouth Superbird

Widely known among car enthusiasts, the Superbird is iconic to engineering, technology, and automotive history. This vehicle seems to increase in value on a daily basis - the average price for one is currently sitting at over $200,000. The Superbird was designed to race with NASCAR and Plymouth produced 1,920 units to qualify for a race. There is some speculation, however, that more were made. The 1970 model was known for its high rear spoiler and a longer nose, which added length to make the car more aerodynamic. It's no surprise that a vehicle that was instrumental in NASCAR history would be so popular.

Up next is another vehicle on the rich side of things.

2007-2011 Porsche 911 GT3 RS

Another vehicle which was primarily intended for racing, the Porsche 911 is a high-end collector item and has equal rarity to vehicles like the Superbird. The power and handling of this vehicle were second to none, hence the popularity and craze with enthusiasts. The German sports car was introduced on the market in 1963 and is among some of the most prizeworthy competition vehicles introduced. The Porsche 911 is one of the oldest sports cars still in production and most are still kept in good condition. The average price for one of these bad boys sits at about $180,000.

Up next is a vehicle that is a dream car to many and you've probably seen it in a video game or two.

1993-1998 Toyota Supra Turbo

Fast And Furious fans around the world know exactly how nostalgic this one is. While the average price isn't as hefty as one would think, about $40,000, finding one in pristine, unabused condition would be a fair challenge. The Supra has made features in movies and video games like Gran Turismo, Forza Motorsport, Need for Speed: Midnight Club, and Forza Horizon. Of course, it was also featured in theFast and the Furious series. Despite the vehicle being widely famous, American sales for the Supra were cut in 1998 and Toyota stopped making the vehicle in Japan in 2002. There are rumors milling of Supra comeback that have fans waiting on the edge of their seats.