Classic Cars You Can Still Buy In 2018

It seems as if there’s a revival of classic cars on the market, with quite some choices out there we narrowed it down to a select few to watch out for in 2018. Whether you’re lusting after something out of reach or your childhood dream car, it is possible to find a bargain, but that could take a little longer than expected. In the meantime, you can check out this list of worthy suggestions that are available for your heart’s desire.

2000-2006 BMW M3


The M3 E46 was first unveiled in 1999 as a Design Study concept in the Frankfurt Motor Show. Everyone knows about this one, and it has become a cult classic. The M3 is also recognized as a top future collectible and would be a safe investment. It’s also crowned as one of the most popular track day cars around the globe. The real challenge would be obtaining one that hasn’t been used and abused to the core. The average price sits at about $20,000 for this generation’s E46 M3. BMW is accredited for developing the racing version of M3 and made some slight detail adjustments to the make the vehicle street-legal.

The next vehicle is known for its incredible power and handling.