Classic Cars Young Collectors Can’t Get Enough Of

The younger generation has its fair share of collectors and, apparently, they’re not just looking for muscle cars, corvettes or roadsters; it’s all about the 90s cars and old pickups! Younger collectors seem to be scouring the market for more trucks, surprisingly. It could be due to the fact some of them grew up when the SUV made its mark in the automotive industry. Regardless, millennials and Gen Xers alike are pushing against the stereotypes and opting for vehicles that are little less predictable.

1973-1979 Ford F-Series

Classic pickup trucks are getting a revival, and it seems like the Ford F-Series sixth generation is a popular choice. Apart from Ford getting heat over the years, the F-150 model is iconic. Another reason why it’s a top pick could be due to the trucks rugged styling and comfortable cab, perfect as a work vehicle as well. There aren’t many left around, which could be another reason why it’s highly collectible. Considered to be the ‘golden era’ of trucks, these models are known to be reliable workhorses and are in league with some of the most excellent trucks ever made.

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