Vehicles You Didn’t Know Were Banned In America

European and Japanese auto shows always have the latest and greatest swoon-worthy cars that unfortunately don't always make it into the U.S. While some do trickle through the cracks, it's a rarity as the vehicles are banned due to not meeting safety standards and regulations. Some people go to great lengths and a boatload of paperwork to convince the Feds to approve of getting certain vehicles imported into the country, but it doesn't always work. Here's a list of cars Big Brother won't let you have.

1993 Aston Martin Virage Volante


Aston Martin is a name that is all about elegance and sophistication, but this is one production of superior quality you won't see roaming the streets of America. The Mirage Volante was the company's first gesture towards modernity and progressive technology. There were only thirteen ever made, and only one slid through strict rules and regulations. One of five were built with manual transmission, and apparently, that is the one that made it into the U.S. while the others were banned. Chances are you probably haven't even seen that one.

Next up is a vehicle that many have tried to slide in under the radar.