Know Your Auto Memes

You Get a Car Oprah


The ‘You Get a Car Oprah’ meme originated from a 2004 giveaway Oprah Winfrey did on her talk show the Oprah Show. During the giveaway, Oprah Winfrey gave every audience member of the show a brand new Pontiac G6 while shouting “you get a car” to individual members of the audience. Due to the level of noise in the television studio, resulting from the screams of audience members, Oprah needed to scream what she was saying and enthusiastically did so. Many of the memes of the event mock the event and use other objects, aside from cars, to make a mockery of the episode. On forums, such as Reddit, memes have been made with the lines “you get an upvote.” During times of epidemics memes with the lines “you get the flu” have been used to lighten people’s moods.

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