Know Your Auto Memes

According to the evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins, a meme is a form of cultural propagation. Internet memes behave much like DNA does in an organism’s body; memes spread from person to person through various mediums. Over the past decade, memes have amassed a significant amount of popularity, rapidly becoming an internet sensation. There are many forums, websites, and social media pages dedicated to memes alone. There are memes for nearly everything a person can imagine, from animal memes to car memes. Through constant sharing among people, memes can quickly go viral, especially amongst small communities like car enthusiasts.

VTec Just Kicked In

The ‘VTec Just Kicked In’ meme is a reference to a special technology used in the engines of many Honda cars. VTec is a technology allowing Honda vehicles to rapidly gain speed after a certain revolution per minute (RPM) limit has been reached. Due to its reference to speed, many VTec memes are used to describe quickly changing situations or situations in which speed is involved. The phrase, and its memes, are most commonly associated with the website 4chan and originated as a negative phrase towards Japanese cars. Though the phrase has become funny over time, it originally poked fun at many Honda owners who believed they had high-performing cars. People often used to use the meme to make fun of when Honda owners found themselves in unfortunate situations that may have been a result of speeding or recklessness.